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Wir, das sind mein Mann Jens (jeneck) und ich die Geli.. Wir zeigen uns gerne und geilen uns an Geile Kommentare auf.. Was wir suchen: Ich stehe drauf meinen Mann beim Sex mit anderen Frauen zu sehen, wir treffen uns regelmäßig mit unserer Freundin Birgit ( Video kommt), wobei ich größtenteils Passiv Anweisungen gebe.. Gerne schicke ich ihn auf Tour um meine Phantasien zu befriedigen.. Was mit mir nicht stimmt fragst du?? Das ist eben mein Fetisch den ich hier ausleben möchte.. Solo Männer brauchen sich keine Hoffnungen auf ein Treffen machen, sorry.. Hast du Fragen, immer raus damit.. Geile Grüße schicken Geli und Jeneck aus Gelsenkirchen


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1 फेवरेट

Couple that loves to have fun.


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2 वीडियो


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Hi, I’m Whore. As a whore I do most things a slut wouldn’t. I like all my holes filled, sucking, swallowing etc. And I’ll fuck, suck and swallow anything given to me too. Including toys, cum, spit and even piss. Yup this filthy whore even loves golden showers and will even lick your ass to get one too. If you’re not sure on something… JUST ASK! The worst that could happen is Sir says no & you still get to play. Sir provides the whore, whore provides the lube and you… Can bring or buy a damn CONDOM! Please ONLY use lube provided since this whore has allergies. Condoms are an ABSOLUTE MUST for your cock to go into ANY hole. No fingers & gentle on the tits as they were just recently redone. *Tonight’s Special Requests: (EXAMPLE) Would love to be a nasty ass licking whore for you guys as well as be a filthy piss covered pissed drinking whore too. Maybe some of you know how to use a whore and can help me with these requests?   Nice Fucking You, His Whore

Ludmila Santto

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2 वीडियो

N A V I444

लड़की: 24 साल (अमेरीका) 51.1k विजिट

12 वीडियो - 22 फेवरेट - 119 फोटो


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2 वीडियो - 2 फेवरेट - 7 फोटो

Olá, sou "alice" brasileira com algumas coisas para mostrar❤ CLIQUE EM SUBSCREVER

Christina Carranza

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8 वीडियो - 13 फेवरेट - 11 फोटो


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1 वीडियो

Latinos Puercos

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Fun Latino couple that has sexy, dirty fun and fuck hard in all sorts of places. We also like to invite people (any gender) to fuck or/and watch us. We swing some nights and sometimes we make custom made videos for you. It all depends on our mood :) but very flexible and very dirty every day. Pareja de latinos que se divierte con sexo duro en todo tipo de lugares. A veces nos gusta invitar gente (de cualquier género) para sexo rico y/o mirarnos. Algunas noches intercambiamos y otras hacemos videos personalizados para ti. Todo depende de nuestro humor :) pero sin dudas somos flexibles y sucios todos los días.


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Hello, I am an amateur builder. I want to pass on the sex videos of myself the way I like to everyone. And I hope you all like it and encourage me by commenting, sharing and liking for me.


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We are a couple. We think that making love is the most beautiful thing. Play with us!

Gordita Bori

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Me encantan mayores I love older man


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Vero Golden Official

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Soy una actriz porno, webcamer y crossfitera. Me encanta exhibirme, me gusta el sexo. Y sobre todo me gusta ser yo misma. De orígenes Venezolanos, nacida en Londres y residente en España. Una mezcla que me convierte en alguien muy caliente y salvaje.


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Somos una pareja viviendo en Morelia , 26 años, estamos buscando un TRIO con una MUJER, una TRANSEXUAL o una TV para explorar mas, siempre con respeto y que entiendan que quien se nos una será solo un acompañanteDisfrutamos nuestra sexualidad juntos, ambos manejamos la cuenta, todas las solicitudes que nos llegan las revisamos juntos, sin fotos y/o sin videos propios no aceptamos, revisamos los mensajes y siempre respondemos pero con imaginación, si tienen propuestas díganlas como son, el decir sólo hola es aburrido y le quita el sentido a la página. Siempre con respeto en sus mensajes. Lo que ven es las fotos es lo que somos, no tenemos cuerpos de modelos pero si somos muy abiertos de mente. NO HACEMOS INTERCAMBIOS.


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Quien me envie tributo le regalo video o fotos. Que les parece?


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Somos una pareja joven, deseamos experimentar nuestra sexualidad al máximo


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Femdom & fetish Goddess. Clip producer. Humiliatrix. Merciless blackmail domme. Total meanie.

Casada Liberada3

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Casada liberada pelo marido que adora que foda com outros machos e filme tudo pra ele ver e me comer depois toda arrombadinha.


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Hello, Am sure you want to come see me tonight or now ..LET'S BE PERVERTS So if You Love BBWs as much as I LOVE Cock then we must Hook up Am always available for that 1on1 private meeting or if your looking for something wild. I need to add some NEW videos so am looking for a PERVERT or more.. ~Your privacy is important to me 100% animity. ~Must Be the San Fernando/ Los Angeles area.. ~Remember am a professional so don't be shy.. ~Safe practices always ~VIDEO DATES- Are posted and filmed by me and used Only on this site. ~Email or to make appointment...if your in the los Angeles /San Fernando valley ares Hit me up for instant hook up... 747-240-2670 ~ DONATIONS: with or without me Additional donations need for Fetish, video, ext...

Patty Sexyyyy

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We are a depraved married couple! We love diverse sex! Watch our videos and you will be satisfied! We shoot videos according to your script! We will be happy to shoot a video according to a personal scenario, to order!


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Suscribete para que veas mis contenidos mas salvajes!


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Luxury Escort in Miami, fl that is tapping into the adult industry.


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Just a sexy couple❤ that wants to make you cum!


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Come and watch me in my playhouse watch me playing with my pussy sometimes I won’t even know your there ? Add me on snap if you wanna chat !!


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19 year old Argentinian cosplayer / streamer

Exposed Freaks

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Latin Girl Seeks Slave To Give Her Big Ass And Get Lots Of Cum


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Somos pareja buscando nuevas experiencias, apoyen con sus me gustas, suscríbanse para más contenido


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Somos um casal liberal gostamos de aprontar,ele hetero ela bissexual atriz modelo sex... adoramos trocas de casais. Gravamos vídeos amadores


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Lana White Rosegold

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Im lana white aka rosegold i stand 4 foot 9 with a big pawg ass and 40 D tittys im run size and voluptuous and fucking bbc slut i little bit ago fucked my first black man and i havent went back so it is true what they say and since then i want everyone to see my progress i went from giving little girl blow jobs to soul snatching and went from running up the walls to throwing it back and im kinda cute but with a big black dick in my mouth im gorgeous lol enjoy my content


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I enjoy art and black ops. Guns and girls.

Real Queen Diva

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All content on this page is produced by me Real queen diva For sponsorship and enquires send a mail to [email protected]


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Married white slut in Tennessee. I know my place...on my knees and back for any black dick that might want my pathetic, piggy holes.

Tamy Tavares1

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Flores Salvajes

लड़की: 27 साल (कोलंबिया) 6.5k विजिट

4 वीडियो - 11 फोटो

Somos un grupo de chicas que nos gusta ser vistas, nos gusta ser sexy y nos gusta que nos disfruten. Pero todo dentro del marco del respeto. Cada quien vive su sexualidad como le gusta, pero sin interferir con la de los demás.

Vic Alouqua

लड़की: 26 साल (फ्रांस) 560.9k विजिट

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Hey ! n’hésite pas à me suivre pour plus de vidéos :) Hello :) Follow me for more content


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1 वीडियो - 1 फेवरेट - 2 फोटो

Hi.My name is RoMa.I have always sent pics and vids.I have like even 500 kiks.I decided to join,X vids.So i could have a place to show my work.I love to just be myself.I could careless what haters say.A guy once told me,if someone hates you-then "you must be doing something right".I live for the rush.This is who I am.

Candy Waifu69

लड़की: 26 साल (अर्जेंटीना) 70.2k विजिट

1 वीडियो

Leo And Aries

जोड़ा: 31 साल (अमेरीका) 12.8k विजिट

4 वीडियो


मॉडल / चैनल

21 वीडियो

Me gusta follar en lugares publicos, soy muy traviesa y me gustan las vergas grandes en mi pequeño coño. Me gusta que me consienta , soy un bebe y dame tu verga para no llorar...


लड़की: 20 साल (मेक्सिको) 4.5k विजिट

4 वीडियो - 3 फोटो

Me gustaría que me ayudaras a crecer y así podré subir contenido para ti todos los días


लड़की: 23 साल (रूस) 27k विजिट

10 वीडियो

Freaky 2101

जोड़ा: 44 साल (अमेरीका) 1.8k विजिट

3 वीडियो

We are a couple that spontaneous and open-minded please emails and couples respond only no single males I'm not into y'all I'm a bisexual female and my husband is a straight male for laid back we like to chill and have fun life is too short to be serious all the time hit us up


लड़की: 28 साल (अमेरीका) 61.3k विजिट

1 वीडियो - 45 फेवरेट

Let me know if you would like to help me take pictures of myself in public


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We are a kinky couple him athletic bisexual her bbw femdom who loves trying everything during sex especially cuckolding and sextoys up both our holes


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Hola Somos pareja, nos gusta que nos observen buscamos personas para aser trios o cambio de pareja, tambien cumplimos fantasias


जोड़ा: 45 साल (स्वीडन) 8.9k विजिट

3 वीडियो - 36 फोटो

Imani Reign

लड़की: 28 साल (अमेरीका) 567.8k विजिट

12 वीडियो - 5 फोटो


लड़की: 30 साल (जर्मनी) 6.1k विजिट

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12 वीडियो


जोड़ा: 31 साल (अमेरीका) 11.4k विजिट

3 वीडियो - 22 फोटो

Mike And Jess

जोड़ा: 38 साल (अमेरीका) 115.4k विजिट

4 वीडियो - 10,045 फेवरेट - 14 फोटो

Husband and Wife; Jess is a squirting milf that is in to anal,fisting,sucking,role play and all of the above.we have an amazing time in the bedroom


जोड़ा: 28 साल (अमेरीका) 25.2k विजिट

1 वीडियो

We are a couple that loves the freaky side of life. We enjoy new things. Sex is what drives us because it’s not only pleasure but very fun. Come watch us play, and don’t forget to leave a like and comment if you want. We do respond to all messages and comments. Subscribe and join us in our fun.


जोड़ा: 30 साल (रूस) 18.2k विजिट

44 वीडियो


लड़की: 35 साल (कोलंबिया) 6.3k विजिट

3 वीडियो

Nicola Hotwife

लड़की: 59 साल (यूनाइटेड किंगडम) 22.9k विजिट

11 वीडियो

58 year old Hotwife, escort and content creator. I love sex with men and women of all ages. I just can't get enough. I am an insatiable nymph and I am always horny and willing


लड़की: 38 साल (अमेरीका) 4.9k विजिट

21 वीडियो - 33 फोटो

Bon Vivantt

लड़की: 30 साल (ब्राज़ील) 673.1k विजिट

75 वीडियो



लड़की: 56 साल (अमेरीका) 27.7k विजिट

K D2015

जोड़ा: (यूनाइटेड किंगडम) 36.8k विजिट

4 वीडियो

A horny UK amateur couple with a high sex drive and open minds!! We will film our antics with ourselves as well as others for you all to enjoy!! ;)


लड़की: (नाइजीरिया) 3.2k विजिट

4 वीडियो

The sweetest you will ever find xoxo? Sweet in the middle

Victoria Miller

लड़की: 50 साल (अमेरीका) 175k विजिट

5 वीडियो - 1 फेवरेट - 8 फोटो

Hotwife,adult actress and model. looking for fun in NC and Atlanta

Bella Monroe

लड़की: 29 साल (अमेरीका) 9k विजिट


लड़की: 26 साल (मेक्सिको) 207.8k विजिट

5 वीडियो - 2 फेवरेट

Mi kik: Xmusitax0


जोड़ा: 20 साल (ब्राज़ील)

3 वीडियो


मॉडल / चैनल

26 वीडियो

Bad Ass Lightskin Bitch from H Town Texas #GrownAssKids ❤️

Baby Mocha

लड़की: 25 साल (अमेरीका) 4.6k विजिट